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Lets talk PMU

Permanent Makeup has become highly advanced in the last 10+ years.


There is tons of color theory, different techniques, needle groups, pigment types, and more that goes into every appointment.

I always consult, explain the process, explain different techniques, colors, and more to clients before we start. Here are some of the topics we cover!

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Microblading vs. Microshading

I offer two different techniques - Microblading and Microshading.

Microblading mimics a clients natural hairs. It is hair like strokes to enhance one's eyebrow shape. It does not completely cover the eyebrow. It is best if you are < 40, have quite a bit of brow hair for the strokes to blend in, have normal/dry skin, & want your brows - just enhanced. 

Microshading is an all over shade on the eyebrow. This mimics a pencil-filled in brow shape. It can be super soft or more makeup like! It is good for someone with a lot or a little brow hair, dry, normal, or oily skin, and any age.

Which technique is best for you?

The best technique for you depends on your brow goals. Do you want your brows enhanced, but not super 

 defined? Do you want wake up ready brows that are more structured and bold than just your brow hair?

The amount of brow hair you have as well as your "brow spine" helps decipher what option may be best for you!

Logan Kerkman - Owner & Artist

I'm always willing to chat about any questions or concerns you may have!!

Let's connect.



Your eyebrow success is 25% pre procedure, 25% post procedure, 25% artist technique, and 25% skin reaction.

Following pre and post procedure instructions is SO IMPORTANT. It is a must & clients need to be sure follow it diligently.  The first two weeks after your appointment require the most aftercare instructions. 


Microblading or microshading is a two appointment service. Two appointments are necessary to perfect the brows! The two appointments are scheduled 8 weeks apart. 


Your brows go through a 30 day healing cycle after your appointment. 

Days 1-5: brows will be bolder, darker, and more tender

Days 5-10: brows go through a shedding phase

Days 10-15: brows go through a lightening phase - they seem much lighter

Days 15-30: brows will continue to darken & get color and shape back!

Because of this healing cycle, the brows when they initially are done are 3-4 shades darker than what they will heal.


• For 24 hours prior to appointment, do not drink any alcohol, take ibuprofen/aspirin, or take fish oil pills.

• Stop using retinols or exfoilating skincare products 2 weeks prior to appointment. 

• Try to limit sun exposure for one week before appointment. You cannot have a sunburn or compromised skin for your appointment. .

• There should be 3 weeks between any botox or facial appointments & brow appointments.



•Washing & applying aftercare ointment will be required for 2 weeks 

• No facials, botox, chemical treatments, or facial treatments for 3 weeks.

• Avoid working out for 7 days - yes, no working out! 

• Avoid direct sun exposure and bed tanning for 2-3 weeks after the procedure.  Wear a hat when outdoors during this time.

• Limit long, steamy showers for about 10 days. The brows can still get wet and you can shower normal during this time.

• Do not tweeze or wax close to the brow for 10 days.

• Do not use any retinol products or anti-aging creams during your healing time - 2 weeks.

• Swimming is not encouraged for the first 2 weeks.

• After they are healed, wearing sunscreen on them is suggest to prolong color whenever you are outside!

Lets Connect!

I look forward to hearing from you with any questions, concerns, or to make an appointment!

-Logan Kerkman
Owner & Artist


Blade + Bliss has a 24 hours cancellation policy. Appointments cancelled after 24 hours will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. Semi-permanent services have a $100 booking fee if cancelled after booked. Please be courteous of the artist's time & arrive on time for appointments - being more than 15 minutes late will result in a cancellation & the fee charged. B + B has the right to refuse service to anyone. Multiple reschedules will be charged a deposit for the next appointment. All services and giftcards are nonrefundable. Giveaways, special offers, and gift cards have a 12 month expiration date. Thank you in advance for understanding & respecting our policies!

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